game is new summer hit multiplayer game in which you need to slide to the pool before other players. Game has cool summer theme and is excellent for playing in upcoming hot summer days.

The game has all required parts to become the best io game of this 2019 summmer. Perfect game online action and huge battle with other players will certainly satisfy you. You start the game as baby charachter which you can customize(color and gliders) and jump on aquapark, battle with other players to get first in the pool of this amazing aquapark.

Aquapark io
Aqua Park io Gameplay

How to play Aquapark io

Once the game battle starts, you should focus on knocking players from aquapark but be shure not to do it from behind as you will gave them a boost. Knock as many people as possible as this is the only way you can get in the pool first.

Don't forget to use boosts that will increase your speed and can overtake other Aquapark players.When someone else knocks you from game you will be flying with glider and try to land on aquapark in front of them or you will be eliminated from game.

Aquapark io Glider
Aquapark Lobby

Io Game by Voodooo

The game is currently avaliable only for Iphone, Ipad ios mobile players but web version is already in development mode so visit as we would publish the game as soon as it gets avaliable for web online play.

After opening the game on your Iphone just tap and play it, game has fast engine and it starts playing asap so you don't need to wait long loading screens.So what are you waiting for enter the game arena and try to beat all other players

Aquapark io Highscore

Are you ready? Good luck Aquapark Player!

Try to reach the bootom of Aquapark before all other players and
Become a winner with highscore! web online version avaliable for playing at in FULLSCREEN Aqua Park io game from Voodoo game and practise your game skills :) Online

About game

Game is played by taping on your screen on game controls.
Controls for web online versions are still in development

After a long while from release of game this is first game which gameplay brings even more fun and action. Perfect for long and hot summer days. So play the game and reach the Aquapark bottom pool first :)